Sloppypilot is the digital media studio specializing in:

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Image Restoration

Worn, torn, and abused photos become more precious as generations pass and the few remaining images deteriorate or are lost. To recover, reinforce and sustain these images into the next several centuries, Sloppypilot will;

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Image Catalog

Standards Based Websites

Sloppypilot uses the Wordpress publishing platform and web standards XHTML/CSS to design and build simple, useable websites:

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Media Transfer / Edit /Archive

Over the years, image, audio, and video media have been preserved in many formats, from silver and vinyl, to analog, and to numerous digital formats. For reasons of commerce, research, or pleasure, it can be desirable to consolidate these media into one consistent, edited, organized, and viewable archived file.

Project Participant

Sloppypilot is available for temporary project participation for writing, editing, & simple-styled explanations of complex ideas.